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Chitwan 3 Night 4 Days

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Chitwan 3 Night 4 Days

In Chitwan, there’s a high chance of spotting the Asian one-horned rhino which is a special opportunity given poaching in the early 20th century saw the rhino on the verge of extinction in Nepal’s jungle. In 1962, Chitwan was set up as a rhino sanctuary, going on to become the country’s first national park a decade later. Today, there are over 500 rhinos in the park.

Chitwan also has one of the highest populations of Bengal tigers in the world, with around 122 known to roam the area. They can be hard to spot in a thick jungle with lots of water sources for the animals. This is where a knowledgeable local guide becomes important.

Other animals to watch out for include Indian bison, langur, four kinds of deer, the gharial crocodile (also known as the fish-eating crocodile), and 150 varieties of butterfly. If you’re very lucky, you might see a leopard, sloth bear, or wild elephant. There are also over 500 species of bird, including herons, kingfishers, flycatchers, woodpeckers, red jungle fowl, and egrets. The best time to see the birds at Chitwan is in March or December: serious birdwatchers may want to plan their visit around this time frame.

Accessing Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is a 5-6 hour journey by road from Kathmandu. You can also fly from Kathmandu into Bharatpur Airport, which is just outside the park. There are about seven flights from Kathmandu every day and the journey takes 25 minutes.

Chitwan has two main entrances: Sauraha is in the east and Meghauli Village in the west.

3 nights/4 days

Day one:

02:00 pm = lunch

03:30 pm = village tour + elephant breeding center

07:00 pm = dinner

07:40 pm = culture dance

Day two:

06:30 am = breakfast

07:00 am = all day jungle walk including lunch

07:00 pm = dinner

Option 2:

06:30 am = breakfast

07:00 am = jungle walk

12:00 pm = lunch

03.30 pm = night in an observation tower

Option 3:

06:30 am = breakfast

07:00 am = jungle walk

12:00 pm = lunch

01.00 pm = jeep safari (seasonable)

Day three:

07:00 am = breakfast

07:30 am = Dug-out canoe ride + bird watching

10:30 am = elephant bath

12:00 pm = lunch

03:00 pm = elephant back ride

07:00 pm = dinner

Day Four:

08:00 am = breakfast

09:00 am = transfer to the bus station

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