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Canyoning/Canyoneering is an adventure sport that involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon by a variety of means including hiking, scrambling, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, abseiling and rappelling using safe techniques.

Canyoning is comprehensive package for experiencing adventure that requires technical skills of stream navigation, rope and canyoning gears work and preparedness for risk minimization. Your safety depends on your judgment based on competent instruction, experience and a realistic assessment of abilities and understanding of current canyon conditions.

Abseil canyoning activity is becoming increasingly popular in the world and many young rivers of Nepal are ideal for canyoning.
We provide site briefing, travel arrangement, lunch box/kitchen, canyoning gears and field guides.


Bhotekoshi is one hidden paradise where you can prepare yourself to negotiate with differing grades of canyoning. Bhotekoshi is just 3 hrs drive from Thamel, Kathmandu. We would be offering one night stand at the Tibetean Link Resort and its the best place to see several tributaries mixing with Bhotekoshi and the river flowing down. We can customize our longer trip days based on your choice.

Two Day Program Schedule

Arrival time at office 08:00a.m
Departure time from office 08:30a.m
Bhotekoshi 2:00 p.m
Tibetean Link Hotel 2:10 p.m
Lunch 3:00 pm
Demonstration 4:00 p.m
Return Back to Camp 6:30 p.m
Ice break- Dinner 7:00a.m

Next Day Breakfast 08:00 a.m
Canyoning spot 9:00a.m
Lunch 1:00 p.m
Departure from Bhotekoshi 02:30p.m


Sundarijal is located 15 Km North-West of the Kathmandu Valley on the lap of Shivapuri National Park. The drive time from Thamel to Sundarijal buspark is 1 hrs. The canyoning spot is 30 minutes uphill Sundarijal Village.
We can also arrange two days Canyoning program with mountain bike cycling and camping.

One Day Program Schedule

Arrival time at office 08:00a.m
Departure time from office 08:30a.m
Sundarijal 10:00a.m
Base camp 10:30a.m
Hiking (20-30 mins)
Canyoning spot 11:00a.m
Departure from the final pitch 03:30p.m
Lunch 04:00p.m
Departure from Sundarijal 04:00p.m

Cycling cum Canyoning

Canyoning with cycling is two days package where we get to the canyoning spot by cycling around 8 hrs. In Sundarijal we will stay on tented camp for one night and next morning after breakfast we will get ready for canyoning and then back to Kathmandu by cycling.

Expedition and Exploration
Many young rivers of Nepal are ideal for canyoning. We have many unexplored sites in Nepal. We can arrange expedition and exploration programs.

What to Bring???

Our canyoning adventure is a day trip, so you don’t need to stress too much over what to bring. We will provide all the equipment including wetsuits, so really all you need is a swimsuit or something comfortable to wear under a wetsuit and a comfortable pair of sports sandals. A towel and a water bottle is also a good idea. Most importantly you just need to bring a positive attitude and sense of adventure!

What’s Included

•    professional English speaking local guides, highly trained in canyoning and climbing & safety certified to international standards in first aid and White Water Rescue.
•    state of the art specialized canyoning equipment certified for specific use (ropes, harnesses, carabiners, figure eights, descenders, etc)
•    professional canyoning safety outfitting (helmets, life jackets, harnesses, wetsuits & booties)
•    fresh, delicious & hygienically prepared lunch and drinking water
•    round trip local bus transportation (sometimes private 4WD, micro-van or big bus & sometimes tourist bus)
•    industry standard first aid kits
What’s NOT Included
•    unrelated transportation, visas, travel documents, departure taxes etc…
•    items of a personal nature (toiletries, clothing, camera etc)
•    alcohol and junk food
•    plastic bottled mineral water **we prefer to treat local stream water and help preserve our environment**
•    insurance **we provide insurance for our crew – but participants must be properly insured through an emergency travel plan**
•    tips for guides

What to Expect

Our canyoning zone is about 3 hours drive with our private 4WD jeep from our Pokhara (4 hours from Kathmandu) on the way to the Chitwan National Park and close to the confluence of the Trisuli and Lower Seti Rivers.

It is a moderate 30 minute walk up to the start point, where we will be rewarded with spectacular views of lush jungle and a 130 meter waterfall. Our canyoning zone actually has 8 main waterfalls; however we do not abseil all of them. This massive drop simply set the stage for our training and briefing before we slip slide our way down the remaining 7 cascading falls.

We will provide a comprehensive safety briefing and then get geared up and start learning how to rock climb and abseil. We use a simple dry pitch for the instruction and practice. Once everyone feels confident and gear is triple checked, we are ready to go…

Our trip leader will always be at the top with you, providing instructions and encouragement as he helps you descend your way down the waterfalls while additional crew are waiting at the bottom for you.

The largest waterfall we run is about 56 meters. Sometimes, we slide and sometimes we jump directly into the clear pools below. If you ever find it too difficult to abseil yourself, then our crew are prepared to take over and abseil you down. In the unusual chance that fear totally overcomes you – there is always the chance to walk down.

The actual canyoning exploration takes about 3 1/2 hours. We will enjoy a picnic lunch with unbelievable views in Mother Nature’s best playground and then it is time for the drive back home.

This site is conveniently located 1/2 way between Kathmandu & Pokhara and only 45 minutes from Chitwan National Park, so the choice is yours…

Home-Stay option! At the end of your exhilarating day of canyon exploration – you are invited to our family village farm to experience an evening of authentic Nepali life. Alternate riverside camping can also be arranged if preferred, or you may choose to return to Kathmandu or Pokhara the same day – the choice is yours!

Responsible Adventure

We believe that “responsible travel” means more than just recycling and picking up garbage at camp.  On an outdoor adventure in Nepal, we must be accountable in many ways and have respect, not only for our environment, but for our local people and local economy.  This is not just marketing speak – this is a sincere dedication to walk the walk and not just talk the talk…

Our efforts to show respect for Mother Nature…
•    Reduce and remove all unnecessary packaging prior to packing supplies to bring on the river
•    Carry out all garbage and non-compostables
•    Construct toilet tents as far away from river sources as possible, bury waste appropriately and burn toilet paper
•    Small campfires are only provided when enough drift wood available to manage local villages’ needs
•    Treat local stream water and discourage the use of plastic mineral water bottles

We ask you to please think about what efforts you can make to reduce your waste and impact on the environment before joining us on the river.
Our efforts to show respect for our Nepali People…

•    As much as logistically possible, purchase fresh organic produce, meat & eggs from local communities surrounding the rivers we
•    Hire, intensively train and encourage 100% Nepali guides
•    Provide fair wages and encourage other companies within our industry to do the same
•    Provide comprehensive insurance coverage for our guides and crew
•    Offer equal employment opportunity for male and female race
•    Hire local assistance such as porters, security guards, transportation services etc.
•    Show respect, integrity and a strong work ethic and be a positive role model for all we interact with
We ask you to try to understand our local Nepali People and show some respect…
•    Please dress modestly – especially when in the presence of local villagers
•    Please – no public displays of affection please
•    Please ask before taking pictures of local people
•    Please embrace Nepal & our cultural differences (both good & bad)
Our efforts to give something back to our local community…
•    Offer complimentary “non-profit” trips to local NGOs such as “Bird Conservation Nepal” to do important research on endangered species
•    Offer complimentary kayak lessons, leadership training and team building programs to local social organization who are doing incredible work for Nepal’s underprivileged children such as “Hope for Himalayan Kids”
•    Donate a portion of every single sale to the Nepali National Team in order to give Nepal a fair chance to represented at international venues
•    Donate an equal portion of every single sale as well as complimentary training and use of equipment to the Himalayan River Girls Club, a local social program to help inspire and encourage more young Nepali women to get involved in eco-tourism

If you are involved in a local project and would like our assistance in some way, please send us an email – we are always happy to help to try to make our world a better place!


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Nima Dorjee Tamang
Chang Helen
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