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Best time for Biking in Nepal

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Best time for Biking in Nepal

Best Time for Biking in Nepal & Tibet


People often wonder when the best time for bike tour in Nepal is. Due to diverse altitude, the tropical southern Terai region has hot and humid climate. The mid- land regions are pleasant almost all year although winter mornings and nights are cold. The northern mountain region has alpine climate with lower temperature and thin air in winter.

Basically, Nepal has 4 seasons: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September- November) and Winter (December-February) and your choice of tour will solely depend upon where to like to travel

Spring (Mar-May) – It is the best time to cycle in any altitude of Nepal as the weather remains beautiful and the temperature is moderate.

Summer (June-Aug) – This season is good for riding in the high altitudes such as the Mustang area where there is almost no rain. If you enjoy rain and mud, then you can also ride the lower altitudes.

Autumn (Sep-Nov) – Generally good for ride the high altitudes

Winter (Dec-Feb) – One of the best time to cycle in low altitudes of Nepal as the sky is clear.


Due to very high elevation, Tibet has cool semi-arid climate with frosty winters and mild summer. Though, summer (June-Aug) is widely regarded as the best time to bike to Tibet, some travelers prefer to travel to Tibet in autumn (Sep-Nov) when the landscape of Tibet is at its most colorful time and also not so cloudy while some travelers prefer to travel in spring (April-May) when there is lots of greenery. Hence, what’s the best time to visit Tibet depends upon interests and preferences of the travelers.

Our biking tour type

Depending upon the trails, Nepal Mountain Bike tour has 3 basic type of biking tour.

1) Self-guided

These are easy-going trips where there is no group or leader. You can travel by yourself, with friend or with family. You will have to simply follow the route notes provided and you are free to spend as much time as you like cycling, admiring the view or relaxing. Luggage will be transported for you each day. You can find these self-guided trips in our Destinations Brochure and on our website.

2) Cross Country

These trips follow mainly vehicle-width roads where you will come across dirt and paved road, narrow and wide trail, potholed and tough road and steep and loose rock track of Nepal giving you thrilling adventure. The tracks will rise and fall over undulating, hilly and mountainous terrain but single-track riding not be included in the main itinerary. Some experience of off-road riding is advisable before booking, but the amount recommend will vary from trip to trip.

3) Mountain Biking

For those who know what they’re doing on single-track. These trips include large amount of fast, technical, narrow trails in the itinerary, though there will also be plenty of vehicle-width stuff as well and some short tarmac linking sections. There is usually less vehicle support than on the cross-country rides.


The main benefit of grading is to provide an overall indicator to compare one trip against another. These grading will less biker what to expect in their tour.

Factors affecting grading include: degree of up/down, difficulty of the surface to be ridden, amount of bike handling skill required, distances covered and other factors such as heat, altitude or remoteness. All our trips require basic fitness as cycling involves some physical exertion and you cannot expect that you will not feel tired.

A) Easy – Suitable for anyone who can ride a bike and can manage a bit of exercise. No routes are 100% flat, so expect some climbs and descents.

B) Moderate – Ideal for occasional cyclists and above or a relaxing trip for better riders.

C) Strenuous – Suitable for fit and confident riders. Fitness is more important for trips of this level and some specific training or preparation is recommended e.g. running, cycling, swimming or aerobics two or three times a week.

D) Tough – Long cycling days and tough terrain, both on and off road trips, requires specific experience of more demanding and technical cycling and very confident of your physical condition and bike handling skills.

E) Very Tough – These trips required very experienced fit cyclists who are happy to undertake a more expedition-style tour. The trips are most off the road including riding in rough, steep surfaces and single-track. Itineraries will include long cycling days with less basic facilities. Higher fitness and regular aerobic training is most.

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