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  • सगरमाथाको चुचुरोमा हस्तमैथुन गर्नेलाई कारबाही गर कम्युनिस्ट सरकार काठमाडौं । विश्वकै अग्लो चुचुरो सगरमाथाको पवित्र स्थानमा बसेर एकजना अमेरिकन नागरिकले हस्तमैथुन गरेर नेपाल र नेपालीहरूको अपमान गरेका छन् । अमेरिकाको भर्जिन आइल्यान्डका एक ३६ वर्षीय युवकले अत्यन्त पवित्र र आस्थाको केन्द्र मानिने सगरमाथा शिखरमा हस्तमैथुन गरेर रेकर्ड कायमको दुस्साहस गरेका हुन् । ह्युज ए रेक्सहनले विश्वको सर्वोच्च शिखर सगरमाथामा हस्तमैथुन…

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  • Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja sets world record climbing 6 mountains in 4 weeks Published: May 24, 2019 3:20 pm On: Nepal KATHMANDU: A former UK Special Forces member has set the world record by successfully climbing six of the world’s highest mountains, known as the 8000ers, in just over four weeks in the spring season. Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja, 35, has succeeded in the…

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  • Express Climbing Courses – Island Peak

    Friendship Trek Pvt.Ltd. Dec 07, 2017

    FRIENDSHIP WORLD TREK AND EXPEDITIONS Departure date/ Cost and Details for the Spring & Fall Season 2018 Island Peak 4 Days Climbing Courses $850 Per Person. Express Climbing Courses $750 P.P. 4 days Departure Dates:2017-2018 (Fixed Departure Dates) 6 DAYS COURSES ISLAND & LOBUCHE PEAK SPRING SEASON: $1050 Per Person FALL SEASON: $950 Per Person. 4 DAYS COURSES ISLAND &…

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  • Nepal Special Budget Trekking Cost 2019

    Friendship Trek Pvt.Ltd. Dec 07, 2017

    NEPAL TREKKING COST 2019- SPECIAL RATES OF TREKKING WITH PRIVATE TRANSPORT Trekking Area: Muktinath Jomsom Trek Fly to Jomsom Trekking Days: 12 2 Pax: $1050 Per Person. 4 Pax: $745 Per Person. 6 Pax: $675 Per Person. 8 Pax: $645 Per Person. 10 Pax: $630 Per Person. 12 Pax: $625 Per Person. 15 Pax: $620 Per Person. Trekking Area: Muktinath…

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  • Lonely Planet has chosen Nepal as one of the world's Top 10 Countries for next year in LONELY PLANET'S BEST IN TRAVEL 2010, published a few weeks before. BEST IN TRAVEL 2010 is Lonely Planet's fifth eagerly-awaited annual collection of the best places to go and the best things to do around the world for the year ahead. Other destinations…

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Why Trek in Nepal?

Just as most capital cities are not fully representative of their respective countries, so Kathmandu is not fully representative of Nepal. If you have the… More »

Trekking Information

What is Trekking? Trekking means a journey undertaken on foot for sight seeing in areas where modern transport system is not normally available. A walk… More »

Getting Around

Domestic Air Service Nepal Airlines (RA) has an extensive network of air services in the interior of Nepal. It has scheduled connection flights from Kathmandu… More »